Universal Practice Tee, Your Ultimate Driving Range Aid.

Ever wanted to practice a shot at the driving range but couldn't find the right rubber golf tee? Don't like hitting right off the mat? Need to tee it up extra high for that new large head driver or tee it down for those hybrid clubs? The limited tee height at most driving ranges do not allow for a complete practice session with all clubs.

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 3 Tees + 3 Hole Depths = Unlimited Tee Heights
Unlike the standard DRIVING RANGE rubber tee, our product features three break resistant nylon tees. This allows you to adjust the height based on the club of your choice. Better golf practice Equipment makes for a better Practice Session.

This new innovative golf training aid was designed for the golf driving range mat. Joff Inc, the patent owners, seeks to make the Universal Practice Tee the number one rubber tee by leading the industry in performance and professionalism while maintaining the respect of consumers, golf professionals and retailers.

Manufactured for Joff, Inc. • Cleveland Ohio • universalpracticetee.com
Made in the U.S.A.• U.S. Patent No. 6,482,111